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north carolina american council on education women's network

Advancing Women in Higher Education


The North Carolina ACE Network of Women Leaders, Inc. is a non-profit, volunteer organization that is a part of, and shares the purpose of the American Council on Education’s (ACE) leadership programs. As such, the NC ACE Network seeks to develop programs that identify, develop, encourage, advance, link and support women in higher education careers in North Carolina.


NC ACE Network will help move the needle for women in North Carolina higher education by helping to achieve parity for women in senior leadership roles at colleges and universities throughout the state. The NC ACE Network is inclusive of any individual who identifies as a woman/female.

The NC ACE Network will help NC colleges and universities achieve parity by:

  • Promoting the advancement of women in colleges and universities in North Carolina;
  • Providing networking opportunities, information, support, mentoring, and encouragement to those interested in advancing their careers;
  • Assisting in leadership development of women in current positions;
  • Building skills toward higher-level positions;
  • Securing nominations of women for vacant leadership positions.

north carolina american council on education women's network

The NC ACE Network thanks and acknowledges the support provided by the UNC System Office of the President.

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